5Lakes live session - rusty&experimental, but still fun


On friday 16th we made a live-session in Inning at the lake Ammersee.

And even while we were a little (uhm, ok - i was very) rusty Niko worked to keep the session interesting and alive - so there were some nice moments in that session too.

Have a listen to the second half and go to Niko Von Fazit on Soundcloud

Opening our NINJAM for new participants

Times are somehow a little difficult, and jam sessions are especially hard to organize with all kinds of restrictions and no place to go.

That is why we invite people to join us in our private 5lakes-NINJAM-server.

To join in you'll have to request a personal (handmade) account with us; at the moment the request for access is to be made via private message to @fairplay on the Sequencer.de-forum (https://www.sequencer.de/synthesizer/conversations/add?to=fairplay).

We'll answer there and eventually you receive the servers internet-address, a user-id and a password to log into the NINJAM-server with the ReaNINJAM-plugin within the REAPER-DAW. That enables you to participate in (or even organize) NINJAM-sessions.

Apart from the possibility to record a session on your computer all recordings of the previous day on the NINJAM-server are automatically uploaded around 3am to a password-protected webspace to which all our NINJAM-users have download-access.

Find more information about NINJAM in general (https://www.cockos.com/ninjam/) and our setup in particular (https://5lakes.design-werkstatt.net/notes/?page_id=4&title=notizen-fur-ambiosonics-jam-sessions-via-ninjam).

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