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The 5lakes-project is a music-jam-project initialized by Niko von Fazit and Charly Hotel. They organized jam-sessions at irregular intervals in different places and with changing crew, for example Fabio aka effebeat joined in as well as Florian Anwander and others.

Due to the usual constraints the 5lakes project became a little sleepy after 2013 and was kind of dormant until end of 2020.

Niko Von Fazit left, Effebeat right

Niko Von Fazit left, Charly middle, Florian right

Effebeat left, Charly Hotel right

view into Niko's studio during a jam session

With the changes caused by the worldwide pandemic the 5lakes project is somehow revived as private (invitation only) online-platform for friends to jam together, using the NINJAM-server to enable musicians to play, jam and record.

Initially there is a setup especially for the ambioSonics-crew, but the plans are that it will be used by • the • o8o8 • project • (another dormant project) as well as by the original 5lakes-crew soon. In the future it is also planed to include the audience more directly by establishing live-video-streams from live-jam-sessions.

This companion blog and the notes collection is meant to provide a central repository of information about this enterprise, including bios, tech-info and recordings.

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